10 questions to ask before hiring a commercial cleaner

Hiring a commercial cleaner isn’t simply a case of finding one that operates in your area and meets your budget. While cost and location are important considerations, there’s actually a lot more you’ll need to know.

So if you want the best (and safest) results for your business—and a long-term partnership with a cleaning company you can trust—you need to consider asking these 10 essential questions:

1. How flexible is your cleaning service?

We’re not just talking about whether or not the cleaning company can work around your own schedule. It’s also good to know that they’ll be available in a cleaning emergency if one arises. A good cleaning company may even have a Service Level Agreement in place to confirm the timeframes they can meet for emergencies—helping you to avoid long waits to clean up what might be potential health hazards.

2. What’s your staff retention like?

If you’re going to be working with a cleaning company, you want to make sure that they’re a solid hire. This means making sure they don’t have a revolving door of cleaners. While high turnover of staff might be commonplace in the service industry, it pays to find a company that treats its employees well enough to stick around as long as possible. Because if they treat their employees that well, you know they’ll look after their customers too.

3. Will we get a regular cleaner?

Most companies we’ve worked with want to know they have the same cleaner doing the work every time they visit—they’re hiring this person to work at their place of business after all. And while any good cleaning company will do their best to assign a regular cleaner to a particular job, it’s not always something you can assume. So it’s useful to check this up front.

4. Are your staff background checked?

You wouldn’t hire an employee without first checking their credentials and finding out a little more about their background. So it makes sense that you wouldn’t hire a cleaner to regularly work in your place of business without making sure their employer had done the same. Ask your cleaning company what kind of vetting process they have when hiring staff (e.g. a DBS check)—because if they don’t have one that could be a pretty big warning sign.

5. How environmentally friendly is your cleaning service?

It goes without saying that we all have a responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment. This is especially important for businesses, who may even rely on environmentally friendly recognition to edge ahead of their competitors and satisfy their customers. Making sure your commercial cleaners meet a certain standard in terms of their cleaning approach, waste disposal, and products is therefore an important consideration.

6. Do you use your own cleaning products or do we have to supply?

This is quite important as it will obviously affect the cost. Most good cleaning companies will supply and use their own products and equipment (e.g. hoovers), but some smaller outfits might rely on businesses to supply their own.

7. Do you have the relevant insurance?

You want to be able to trust the cleaning company you hire to work on your property. But accidents can happen and you need to make sure that you’re covered for compensation in the event that something is damaged or broken. You also want to make sure that their employees are covered should they be injured in your workplace. Ask to see any relevant insurance policy documents for that peace of mind.

8. Do you clean over weekends and holidays?

Depending on the size of your company and the hours you operate, you may well want to hire a cleaning company that works outside of the normal working week—as well as over any holidays you might need cleaning done. While again most good companies will do this as standard, some might not (or may charge extra), so if you’re going to want weekend work or that post-Christmas party clean-up, it’s good to clarify this up front.

9. How much do you charge for cleaning?

While you might think this one is the most important, in fact the overall cost to you will entirely depend on what you ask the cleaning company to do. What exactly do you want cleaned? Will they be doing a clean weekly, twice weekly, and at weekends? Will you supply the products or will they? The answers to all the questions above should give you both an idea of what’s required, at which point the cleaning company can offer you a quote and you can take it from there. Don’t forget though, that you usually get what you pay for—so don’t necessarily think the lowest quote you get will turn out to be the best choice of cleaner in the long run.

10. What happens if I’m unhappy with my cleaning?

Not a question many people will ask, but it’s worth bearing in mind to get an idea of the type of cleaning company you’re dealing with. Most good companies will have a policy in place that either offers a discounted charge for your next service or simply resolves to come back ASAP and fix the problem you’re unhappy with. Any company that doesn’t offer either of these things isn’t going to be a good hire.

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Maria Millgate