Why Commercial Cleaning is Important

When organising your office space, premises, or commercial environment, how you will keep that space clean and tidy many not be at the forefront of your mind. But commercial cleaning is important: no more so than during the current coronavirus pandemic. A commercial clean can help your workplace to be a safer and more pleasant environment for your employees, which in turn can improve employee productivity. 

Uncleaned workspaces can become a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria, so having a commercial cleaning company to keep your workplace clean will also prevent illnesses from spreading around your employees, minimising sick days. What’s more, during the coronavirus pandemic, keeping your workspace clean can prevent the spread of the virus and mean that your employees are less likely to spend large periods of time out of the office self-isolating if one member of the team brings the illness into the office and spreads it around. Here are four reasons why commercial cleaning services are important, and why you should consider adopting them for your own business: 

1. Creating An Attractive Environment

Whether you’re hoping to attract new employees, new clients, or new customers, a clean and attractive work environment will make a huge difference. You only get one chance to make a first impression on those you want to impress, and a commercial office cleaning service will ensure that that first impression is a good one. Our commercial cleaners will clean windows, clean kitchens, and clean bathrooms. They will ensure that bins are empty and that work spaces are cleaned: all vital to creating an attractive work environment.

2. Minimise Sick Days

Let’s be blunt, sick days cost businesses money. The more employees are off sick, the lower their productivity, and one sick employee can quickly infect another if their working environments aren’t cleaned regularly. Commercial cleaning services can clean your office space every day, sanitising spaces and wiping down high-touch areas, to help prevent the spread of illness through your business, which will ultimately save you money.

3. Commercial Cleaning is Cost-Effective

Interested in hiring a commercial cleaner, but worried about whether you can afford it? Commercial cleaning is cost effective, and often cheaper than the comparative lost productivity of having your employees clean their own work spaces. What’s more, our commercial cleaners are fully trained and DBS checked, meaning that you can be assured of the high-standard and the safety of all the work their undertake.

4. Boost Your Office Morale 

Finally, working in a clean and tidy environment is a huge morale booster. And happier employees are employees that will work well, create a pleasant office environment, and employee turnover will also be reduced. Commercial cleaning services will enhance your team, and in turn elevate your brand. The more positive thoughts your employees have about your business, the better that will be for your brand overall.

Happy employees make it much easier to attract additional employees, which will improve your business growth possibilities too. Hiring a commercial cleaner, then, is a small price to pay for the benefits that they bring.

Maria Millgate