What Does Commercial Cleaning Include?

If you’re considering investing in cleaning commercial services then you may be wondering what, exactly, commercial cleaning includes: luckily, we’re here to help explain everything you need to know! The scope of commercial cleaning services we offer is considerable. From cleaning the windows to buffing the floors, deep cleaning dining areas to scrubbing partition walls.

The Huge Scope of Commercial Cleaning Services

At Angel Cleaning Services we have the skills and resources needed to complete a huge array of tasks, and to enable us to clean a variety of different services. These include buffing equipment to clean tiles, commercial vacuum cleaners for carpeting, mops for lino, and commercial quality window cleaners to ensure that your windows are always shining.

We will undertake general office cleaning tasks, such as emptying bins and wiping desks, and we are also able to provide more specialist commercial services such as hair removal in veterinary offices. The vast majority of jobs under the commercial cleaning umbrella is business office cleaning. If this applies to your business then you can expect us to complete the following, most common, commercial cleaning tasks:

  • Cleaning of floors (either vacuuming, mopping, or buffing depending on your floor type)
  • Kitchen clean: Full cleaning of kitchen areas
  • Bathroom clean: Cleaning of toilets, and replenishment of supplies such as toilet roll and soap
  • Ensuring all high touch areas are cleaned and sanitised
  • Emptying bins
  • Dust and cobweb removal

What your commercial clean will include depends on the sector you operate in, as well as on your budget and what you’re looking for. We offer commercial cleaning in a huge range of sectors from school cleaning to office cleaning, gym cleaning, and retirement living cleaning.

The Benefits of Commercial Office Cleaners

We pride ourselves on the high quality of service we offer to all of our clients, but this is just one of the benefits of opting to choose cleaning company services. We will leave your office space feeling clean and refreshed, and also provide your employees with the peace of mind that they are working in a safe and sanitary environment, which can ultimately help to enhance employee performance.

When you hire a commercial cleaner, rather than bring the role in house, you will also benefit from fewer administration costs and you are likely to find that, on a purely fiscal basis, it makes more financial sense to outsource your commercial cleaning needs. In short: hiring a commercial cleaner will save you money. You will also carry few liability risks by ensuring that trained professionals undertake your commercial cleaning tasks, rather than asking your employees (who are unlikely to know what they’re doing) to do them instead.

What’s more, all of our cleaners are DBS checked before we hire them. This means that you can feel safe in the knowledge that all of our cleaning staff who will have access to your premises have been thoroughly vetted and assessed.

Additionally, we’ve moved away from the harsh chemicals in other cleaning products and now exclusively work with Ecover, the eco-friendly cleaning brand. So not only will your commercial office cleaning service take care of the cleanliness, but we’re also eco friendly about it as well.

For all of these reasons, and so many more, we believe that hiring a commercial cleaner is the clear and obvious choice for all types of commercial businesses. Why not let us help you with your commercial cleaning needs?

Maria Millgate