The essential cleaning checklist for house sellers

The essential cleaning checklist for house sellers

Deciding to move house is a tense, but exciting time filled with lots of hopes, dreams and (unfortunately for many) cleaning.

The good news is that this time of year takes the external ‘curb appeal’ problem off your hands. Experts reckon from March to late June is the best time to sell your property, because of the better weather, more light, and gardens getting their full glorious bloom on.

But what about the inside of your house?

Getting it ready for viewings

You don’t necessarily have to turn your house into a showhome in order to impress visitors. People appreciate seeing a home that’s clearly being lived in, as it helps them picture themselves living there too.

However, there’s a fine line between being lived in and being a mess. It’s absolutely essential before viewings (and especially those all-important photos) to make sure the house is spotless and clutter free, to give potential buyers the space they need to visualise how it will look when they put their own stamp on it.

Too much dirt, grime, or knick-knacks in the way and they won’t be able to see the bigger picture—they’ll just want to get out.

The important first clean

It helps to set aside a day prior to the initial valuation and photos to deep clean the entire house. After this you should be able to keep things relatively clean and will only need to tidy/declutter for all those subsequent viewings (depending on how long your house is on the market, of course). But that first clean is the all-important one, so make it count.

We like Fixer Upper Joanna Gaines’ idea of getting in the zone by gathering all your supplies in one place, then putting on a playlist to keep you company. However, do whatever works for you, whether you have accompanying music or put some candles on—or even dance as you clean!


It also helps to have a checklist of all the areas that need cleaning and what requires special attention in each. This might change for each person, depending on your type of property and who you live with (or not), but it’s a good starting place for turning your house into a buyer’s dream.

Living room

  1. Clean laminate or wooden floors
  2. Dust blinds or steam-clean curtains
  3. Dust bookshelves/mantelpieces/picture frames


  1. Clean oven, hob, and microwave
  2. Clean benchtops
  3. Sweep/mop the floor
  4. Empty and clean bins (to remove any unwanted smells!)
  5. Wipe down the dining table


  1. Wash and replace all bed linen
  2. Clean and tidy away all clothes
  3. Remove all clutter on bedside tables
  4. Vacuum carpet/rugs


  1. Deep clean toilet/bath/shower/sink
  2. Replace shower curtain
  3. Clean mirror
  4. Wash and replace mats
  5. Wash toothbrush holder
  6. Empty any bins

As well as dividing the tasks up by room, you can also have a list for the whole house that might include cleaning windows and removing scuff marks from your walls.

Does this all sound too much like hard work? We know that selling your house is stressful enough without having to worry about getting it clean too. So let us come and do the dirty work for you.


Maria Millgate