Why cleaners can be great for people with pets

Why hiring a pet-friendly cleaner can be good for your fluffy friends

Having a pet means your house is often more in need of cleaning than you’d like. But, at the same time, a lot of people worry that having a pet at home would make it difficult to hire a cleaner.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, some cleaners can actually be the perfect daytime companions for your furry friends who would otherwise be home alone.

Owner concerns

We’re pet people, so we get the wariness some people have over bringing a cleaner into a house where beloved animals live.

Maybe you’re worried about the dog getting out? The cat getting in the way of the hoovering and disappearing up into that hose for good? Or you’re just concerned about how your fluffy friends will react having a stranger in the house—especially one going from room to room to touch their owner’s stuff (to clean it, obviously, but they don’t know that)!

There’s also the pets’ health and safety to think about, with owners wondering if the cleaners will be using any products that could be irritants or harmful to particular species.

Pets need companionship

Despite these obvious concerns, people are more aware than ever that their pets need companionship. In fact, it’s invaluable when pets are left at home for long periods of time. Studies show that anything longer than four hours alone could be a problem, yet owners’ work hours can be significantly longer than that. Which can affect a pet’s mental wellbeing and lead to signs of stress and anxiety—especially with dogs, who are incredibly social animals.

A pet-friendly cleaner doesn’t just have to ‘be around’ for the pets while they’re cleaning. While this companionship is certainly beneficial, they could also be more than happy to undertake a few extra tasks agreed up front, such as feeding animals, letting them out into the garden to do their business, or even walking them. All of which saves you money on hiring another person just to take care of your pets.

With a pet-friendly cleaner you get double the service

As long as you hire a reputable pet-friendly cleaner, you’ll be in safe hands—and will be getting double the service.

For those worried about trusting other people in the house with their animals, just remember that thousands of workers up and down the country hire dog walkers or pet sitters to give their companions an hour’s play while they’re out at work. They’re experienced in dealing with animals, so you can be sure to trust them with their safety.

In truth, hiring a pet-friendly cleaner is not really that different. It’s still someone who has access to your home while you’re at work and who is experienced in dealing with animals in the home. It’s just that now you get a pet sitter and a clean house all at the same time!

As for those worrying chemicals, there’s a simple solution to that. Simply find a responsible cleaner who makes sure they’re using products that are kind to the environment and those of us living in it—including our animal friends.

4 simple tips to hiring a cleaner that works for your pets too

  1. It sounds obvious, but you need to find a cleaner who talks about their pet services on their website. If they don’t mention it, chances are they won’t be interested if you call up and ask.
  2. Make sure you meet the cleaner/s up front and give them the chance to view your house and meet any pets they’ll be looking after. Watch for the way they interact with the animals to get a feel for whether this will work for you (and the animals).
  3. Get a list of the cleaning products they use to confirm they’re all eco and animal friendly. Or supply your own.
  4. Agree up front what pet-related tasks you’ll be hiring them to do (along with the cleaning), so there’s no misunderstanding when it comes to important things like feeding and toileting.

Still looking? You already know we love animals! So if you want to learn more about our pet-friendly cleaning services get in touch today and let’s have a chat about how we can help.


Maria Millgate